1. What is RightLeads – IT Security?

RightLeads is an AI powered lead dataset for the IT security domain which classifies every contact and company on the basis of many firmographic factors and helps you focus on those select account and contacts you intend to target.

2. What does RightLeads – IT Security do?

RightLeads delivers unique market intelligence on leads in IT Security Domain upon which they can be profiled and ranked as per your target market. RightLeads uses its self-learning algorithm to identify your ideal customer profile with precision and at scale (Marketing). Our Heat Indexed relevance score and keyword analysis help you make informed decisions and have relevant conversations with customers (Sales). Advanced artificial intelligence is used to unlock new pockets of demand in the IT Security market especially those products and solutions that complement your marketing efforts.

3. Where does RightLeads get its data from?

RightLeads tags more than five million unstructured documents from offline and online resources every day. We use machine learning to go beyond the information commonly available on public forums and websites. RightLeads also analyzes content on social media posts, blogs, press releases, case studies, job listings, government filings and many more resources, to give you accurate, reliable and targeted B2B intelligence which you need to achieve extraordinary success in your sales and marketing campaigns.

4. What are the main features of RightLeads?

RightLeads as a recommendation engine is powered with the ability to rank and sort key contacts and accounts based on deep contact profiling that is not commonly available with other databases. In essence RightLeads is an AI powered lead dataset for the IT security domain which classifies every contact and company on the basis of many firmographic factors including contact’s expertise, influence and decision making powers and helps you focus on those select account and contacts you intend to target. It possesses the feature to exclude previously purchased contacts, mention a number of contacts you choose to include per account and also helps you shortlist number of total contacts you need. It allows you to upload all the datasets you already possess to suppress your new lead dataset before purchase which means that you don’t end up spending a single penny on the contacts you already had.

5. Who would benefit from using RightLeads?

RightLeads as a platform offers a complete dataset of IT security leads customized as per your Ideal customer profile. RightLeads has the in-built intelligence to recognize a contact’s background and give you the ice-breaker conversation you can get started off with.

6. How do marketers use RightLeads?

The strong use case for marketers is to identify their total addressable market across different market segments. (e.g.: Banking & Finance, Healthcare and Aerospace). This helps design a personalized marketing campaign which captures the nuances unique to each business. The RightLeads Heat Index helps you build your ABM Strategy by prioritizing and shortlisting contacts for each account. We offer the unique market intelligence to identify the difference between the decision maker and the influencer so that you focus your efforts on building communication which pushes your accounts further down the marketing funnel.

7. How do sales professionals use RightLeads?

Sales professional can use over 15 firmographic filters to pinpoint their relevant leads and focus their efforts on targeted sales initiatives for their Ideal Customer Profile. RightLeads does a wonderful job as an account mapping tool, categorizing accounts you will be targeting and understanding the demographics within the organization to build clarity on the hierarchy, locus of influence and openness to new products/services the buyer organization possesses.

8. Does RightLeads offer a free trial? 

In order to maximize the benefits of using RightLeads, we offer a free demo to walk you through all the features and hidden nuances you can capitalize on to boost your sales and marketing productivity. RightLeads offers you 15 day free trial to see your sales and marketing results grow. This free hands-on experience helps you explore our application and taste success before even investing a single penny.

9. Can I download a sample of the data?

Absolutely! Just register on our website and share your specific requirements with us to avail a list of 20 customized leads for your target group.

10. What is RightLeads pricing? What payment method does RightLeads support?

RightLeads has a subscription model which is designed for three types of users with respect to their scale of operation. The basic Silver member subscription is priced at 5,000$, followed by the Gold membership at 15,000$ followed by the exclusive Platinum membership which is priced at 25,000$ which offers a unique list of personalized web research services.

11. What if someone from my company already uses RightLeads?

This should not stop you from creating another account with us. Also avail your free trial and sample of leads to test the application yourself. We provide the feature to exclude previous purchases by suppressing the list of leads purchased in order to ensure that there is no duplication of leads which were already purchased by the other user.

12. What regions and countries does RightLeads sales intelligence profile?

Right now we provide data for US and Canada only, however we plan to expand our geography to other regions very soon.

13.  I do not see a sector I’m looking to track, why is that?

RightLeads collects data and decides which sectors they must be mapped to within the IT security market. We might not cover some sectors in our data thus far. We are adding sectors all the time and if you have a sector you would like RightLeads to track email us and we’ll add it to our list of sectors. Get in touch with us at info@rightleads.io

14. Why are there no contacts showing up on some Firmographics chosen? 

There maybe two possible reasons

1. We are currently not tracking any contacts for that niche. (Drop us a mail at info@rightleads.io if you would want us to track them for you and we will get back to you soon)

2. We are tracking these contacts, but they have a different set of firmographics. If you or your team would like to access these contacts, please contact us at info@rightleads.io

15. How do I enable “Favorites” to keep a list of my preferred leads ready?

Users have the option to build list as per their firmographic filters and ‘save’ these lists to refer to them later. This gives users the option to plan list for multiple campaigns and save them in our application prior to launching them. A lot of users simply build these lists and save them to have a clear roadmap for their marketing initiatives ahead.

16. What if I don’t have enough credits to purchase my list of contacts?

Simply drop an e-mail to info@rightleads.io and we shall get back to you within 24 hours of raising this request.

17. Which mobile platform does RightLeads support?

Yes, RightLeads works for mobile platforms but is not ideal in terms of the user experience for mobile customers. Ongoing improvements will ensure it is suited for all user interfaces in terms of layout and page design.

18. Which Browsers/OS does RightLeads Support?

Yes, RightLeads works on all desktop browsers. Since RightLeads is an online application users with any desktop OS can use RightLeads for their data needs. Whether it is Windows, IOS or UNIX based, users won’t face issues due to their Operating System.